Mortes once was a great world steeped with magic, a world shaped by heroes. The heroes have been long forgotten. The people of Mortes no longer remember the past and what was sacrificed for them.

A night sky, once filled with the constellations of the gods now sits almost black and empty. Aside from Mergo, the only celestial body observable is Altengah.

It was shortly after the arrival of Altengah that the heroes began to disappear. Mankind was eventually left to their own devices. Kingdoms and governments rose and fell like waves on an ocean.

Through it all, the people of Ivenwyld have strove to keep the old ways and not forget. Time erodes all things and now Ivenwyld is beginning to slip into the annals of forgotten past. Strangers from strange lands have arrived and brought with them influences and foreign ideas contrary to Heroes doctrine.

Now is the time for heroes to return and bring the world of Mortes back to goodness once again.